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As a longer-lasting no chip — this Unisex Gel Manicure will include a structured gel base with gel polish. If you are a new client, please allow additional time for consultation and prep. Nail art not included. Removal charged when switching.

Aprés Gel-X applied over your entire nail bed (not just the tips, like acrylics or hard gel extensions). The extensions are clear – which means they can be used to create trends like sea glass nails – and come in different shapes and lengths.

Did you know that hard gel nails are not only beautiful but also incredibly versatile? Say farewell to pesky chips and embrace a world of unstoppable fabulousness. Get for those who want length with allergies to acrylic.


Nails Hit Different...

because training hits different.

The Nail Collective was created by Stephanie Ullrich as a training center turned shop to connect influencer-style nail artists to clients who want amazing nails. 

As a Nail Technicians, Stephanie has dedicated herself to quality, safety, and beauty. She has trained hundreds of industry professionals with this same standard of service with individualized care.



As our name may tell, we are a salon with a collective of independent nail artists — all of whom have their unique style. 

Whether you want to make a statement with long "extendos" or keep it classy with a short almond marble nail, we have an artist for you!

We have some of the best artists in the industry, and certainly some of the best in Las Vegas, each being fully licensed with continuing education using only the best equipment and supplies.

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