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We are proud to be the home where so many nail artists have launched their careers. If you visited us in the past and loved an artist that went on to greatness you can still find them here.

Thanks for getting to know us! See you soon.

The Nail Collective goes beyond the services of a traditional nail salon, offering luxury and independence to patrons and techs alike. Apart from oncological services, The Nail Collective offers nail product lines — like Tammy Taylor, Valentino, Young Nails, Light Elegance, and Madam Glam — noted for their commitment to quality and personal safety.

As a learning center, The Nail Collective offers an environment that allows new and existing technicians to develop the additional skills necessary to provide exceptional care beyond what is taught as a result of traditional cosmetology training.

The front of the salon is committed to being a strong retail and service center, inviting clients to interact with the technician community. WE ALWAYS will maintain a friendly, fair, creative work environment, which will encourage client retention and long-standing relationships.

Our Vision is to become the number one nail salon company in the whole of Las Vegas with an active presence on all major social media platforms, spanning our brand across the globe.

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Join The Nail Collective Community

Today, The Nail Collective is a thriving business with a community of talented nail artists and satisfied customers. There is an even bigger network of Nail Artists who have gone on to build their own business!


We take pride in connecting individuals with stunning nail art and providing opportunities for aspiring artists to achieve their dreams.

We believe that with hard work, determination, and a bit of creativity, anyone can break free from poverty and achieve success in the beauty industry. 

Let's make your nail art dreams a reality!

With years of experience running her own nail business as a solopreneur, Stephanie has taught hundreds of aspiring nail artists the business and operational aspects of the industry. 

We provide the tools and resources needed to build successful businesses and thrive in the competitive world of nail art.

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