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The Facilitative Mind Behind The Nail Collective, Bad Retail, and Other Stephanie Ullrich Nails LLC Businesses.

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The Co-Founder's Story

Desmund Ullrich, the co-founder of The Nail Collective, is a remarkable individual whose life journey has shaped his unique contribution to our enterprise. Raised in a close-knit African-American family in Chicago, Desmund witnessed the challenges of addiction and illness that tested the resilience of his loved ones. Despite facing adversity, he emerged determined to create a better future.

From a young age, Desmund demonstrated his entrepreneurial spirit, exploring unconventional avenues to support his family. He embraced the world of multi-level marketing and hosted pedicure parties, showcasing his resourcefulness and determination. These early experiences sparked a passion for entrepreneurship and the power of community.

Desmund's educational journey further fueled his growth. He pursued dual-enrollment programs, excelling in information management and web design. These studies ignited his imagination, inspiring him to venture into the digital frontier. Despite facing setbacks and navigating through various roles, Desmund's thirst for knowledge and personal transformation never wavered.

His path eventually led him to the
gig economy, where he embraced its flexibility and potential. Leveraging his marketing and sales expertise, Desmund became a ghostwriter and content creator, collaborating with influential bloggers across diverse niches. This period of self-discovery and autonomy affirmed his belief in pursuing a life of abundance and freedom.

Driven by a shared vision, Desmund and Stephanie embarked on a
joint venture, blending Stephanie's nail technician skills with Desmund's marketing acumen. They opened a small salon and experienced unprecedented success, surpassing revenue milestones within months. Their achievements have not only transformed their own lives but also positioned them as mentors, empowering others in the nail industry.

Together, they seek to inspire
nail artists to believe in the power of resilience, determination, and the ability to create something truly magical. Through The Nail Collective, Desmund and Stephanie invite you to join them on a remarkable adventure, where dreams become reality and extraordinary achievements are within reach.

The Nail Collective is a testament to Desmund's unwavering spirit, boundless determination, and commitment to
empowering others to achieve greatness.

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Desmund’s Why

My why is to create a world where limitations are shattered, possibilities are boundless, and extraordinary lives are within reach for all, especially for Nail Artists and others in the beauty community, by leveraging the power of content marketing.


I am driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of resilience, determination, and the magic that unfolds when spirits collide. Through my own journey of overcoming adversity and building The Nail Collective alongside Stephanie, I have witnessed firsthand the incredible potential that lies within individuals, regardless of their circumstances.


I am fueled by the conviction that no matter how disparaging one’s conditions may be, success is achievable with unwavering perseverance. Additionally, I am passionate about harnessing the power of social media and online communities to drive this success.


I firmly believe that these platforms can amplify voices, forge connections, and create unprecedented opportunities. By sharing our triumphs, providing a blueprint for manifesting dreams, and inspiring others to embrace their unique talents, I strive to empower individuals to rewrite their narratives.


-Desmund Ullrich

Desmund at The Nail Collective

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